If you want to develop a dream body, then you obviously need to work out at home or in the gym. Unfortunately there is no getting away from the fact that you have to put in a lot of effort if you want to get to the point where you can impress people with your impressive physique.

However the trouble is that it is not always easy for people to achieve this goal, even when sticking to a regular exercise routine.

So in this article I want to discuss three types of supplements that can help you get more out of your workouts at the gym.

1. Workout Supplements

Capsiplex Sport Workout SupplementsAs you know, there are a number of ways that you can increase the number of calories that you can burn during your workouts. For example, you can increase the duration (or the number of reps) of the exercises that you are doing, or you can increase the intensity by using heavier weights or by increasing the resistance if you are using an exercise machine.

However another easy way to burn more calories is to simply take a pre-workout supplement of some description. If you were to take a product called Capsiplex Sport, for instance, you could burn up to 278 extra calories every time you do a workout, which would really help you achieve a more shredded physique.

2. Legal Steroid Alternatives

Anadrole Legal SteroidsIf you are looking to slim down, you can also try taking one of the many different cutting supplements that are available. These are often classified as legal steroids because they are modelled on some of the highly effective (but illegal) anabolic steroids, but are made using natural ingredients instead.

Similarly, if you are looking to build muscle, you can also use bulking supplements such as these ones because these are modelled on steroids such as dianabol and anadrol, but are obviously much safer to use because of the natural list of ingredients that they are made from.

3. Protein

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey ProteinThe third and final option is to increase your protein intake because you can think of protein as the building blocks of muscle.

It is suggested that you consume at least one pound of protein (on a daily basis) for every pound that you weigh in order to gain significant muscle mass, and you can do this by increasing your consumption of high protein foods (chicken, beef, salmon, nuts, etc), eating protein bars and/or drinking protein shakes, such as the ones on sale here.

It’s not just enough to increase your protein intake, though, because you also need to be working out regularly if you want to see results. The combination of protein and strength training is a winning formula for many bodybuilders, and always will be because it is tried and tested.

Just like buying a car, you would be crazy to buy an exercise bike purely because you liked the color of it. Nevertheless the fact remains that some exercise bicycles are easier on the eye than others, which is a major consideration if you are going to have one of these machines permanently on display in your home.

So bearing this in mind, I thought it would be a good idea to look at a few of the pink exercise bikes that are currently available because these are some of the most attractive models on the market, and are always very popular with women and teenage girls in particular.

Magnetic Upright Bike In Pink

Magnetic Upright Bike In PinkIf you are looking to buy a stationary upright bike, then this model from Sunny Health and Fitness is a pretty good choice.

It might not be a top of the line bicycle, but it has 8 levels of magnetic resistance and a smooth and quiet belt drive system, and of course it has a few pink components, such as the pink display unit and the pink cover panels.

Therefore it is ideal for home use, and is the kind of machine that you can use to stay slim and lose weight whilst watching the TV.

Sunny Folding Recumbent Bike

Sunny Folding Recumbent BikeSunny Health and Fitness also have a recumbent bike that you can buy in this color as well. This recumbent bike is once again a fairly cheap model, but it does have some pretty pink finishes that ensures that it would look quite good in your living room or bedroom, for example.

As you can see, this too is quite a basic model and isn’t exactly loaded with lots of extra features. However the good thing about this machine is that it includes a back rest, which means that your workout will be a lot easier on your back, and therefore a lot more comfortable to use.

This particular model comes with its own LCD display that tracks your time, speed and distance, as well as the number of calories that you have burned, and has an adjustable seat and an adjustable magnetic resistance system. Plus it can also be folded away if you don’t want it on display on the time.

Sunny Health And Fitness Indoor Cycling Bike

Pink Indoor Cycling BikeFinally, because spinning is so popular at the moment, you might want to consider buying this very attractive spin bike from Sunny Health and Fitness.

This is an indoor cycling bike, which means that it feels much more like a road bike than an upright bike does, and it’s therefore ideal for spinning-style exercise routines.

This is slightly more expensive than the two models listed above, but it has a very strong and stable frame, and delivers a smooth and quiet workout with its chain drive system.

Plus as you can see from the photo, it is a very attractive bike to look at with its pink and white wheel covering and frame.

Entry Level Rower From Sunny Health And FitnessIn my last article I discussed the three types of people who can potentially benefit from using a rowing machine on a regular basis, and so today I want to follow this up by reviewing an entry level rower that is perfect for beginners.

The Sunny Health and Fitness Rowing Machine is available to buy from Walmart for just $66.71 at the time of writing this article, and although this may sound like a cheap, poor quality machine, it is actually a lot better than you might expect.

Indeed if you read some independent review sites, such as this one at http://www.exercisereviewsite.com/best-rowing-machine-reviews/, you will see that it is often regarded as one of the top low-cost rowing machines, and here are some of the main reasons why:

12 levels of resistance

This particular model comes with 12 hydraulic resistance levels, which basically means that you can get a wide-ranging workout because it will go from level 1, which will be really easy, right up to level 12, which will be incredibly difficult.

Smooth Running Seat

It’s always important to note the quality of both the seat and the seat rail when buying a rowing machine, and the good news here is that this one has a thick padded seat that glides smoothly along the rail when you are working out.

Useful LCD Display

Considering the low price of this machine, you might not necessarily expect it to come with its own performance monitor, but this Sunny Health and Fitness Rowing Machine does indeed come with an LCD display that indicates time, calories and the number of strokes.

Pivoting Footplates

Rowing machines are generally very comfortable to use, but they can be a little uncomfortable after a while if your feet are locked in the same place throughout your workout. That’s not a problem with this model, however, because this one has pivoting footplates that you can move upwards and downwards in conjunction with your rowing stroke.

Small And Compact

Some of the pricier models can easily take up half your living room because they are so big, but this one is ideal if you live in a small apartment, for example, because it is just 53 inches long and 20 inches wide.


So if cost was one of the factors that was preventing you from buying your own rowing machine, you might want to think about investing in this particular model from Sunny Health and Fitness because it is available for less than $100 and will give you a pretty good workout.

If you are looking for some workout ideas to help get you started, there are some workouts listed on this page of the Dailyburn website that are geared towards strength and endurance, and you can also find lots more workouts on Pinterest and YouTube.

Indoor Rowing MachineRegular visitors to the gym will know that there are certain areas of the gym that are always the busiest. For example, the exercise bicycles are always very popular, as are the free weights and certain strength-building machines.

The rowing machines, however, are often free no matter what time of the day you visit the gym, so in this blog post I thought I would talk about the three types of people who could most benefit from using one of these fitness machines.

1. Dieters

If you want to lose weight, you will know that eating a healthy low-calorie diet is only half the battle. You also need to burn some calories through exercise, and rowing is one activity that is quite effective at helping people hit their weight loss targets.

This particular exercise can burn anywhere between 7 and 13 calories a minute (this calorie calculator will give you an accurate estimation based on your current weight). So as you can probably work out, just a 20 or 30 minute workout could burn 200-300 calories if you were to burn an average of 10 calories a minute during this time.

Rowing alone can be a great fat-blasting workout, but you could also do some walking and add in a few more cardio workouts if you wanted to burn even more calories.

2. Women Who Want A Beach Body

At the time of writing, we are just weeks away from the start of summer, which means that women up and down the land are starting to worry that they haven’t yet got a beach body that they can be proud of.

All is not lost, however, because rowing is just one of the workouts that can shift some fat and get you beautifully toned. Indeed what I love about rowing is that it tones up so many different areas of your body without giving you large muscles, and also burns enough calories to start the fat-burning process.

3. Fitness Fanatics

The final group of people who can benefit from this form of exercise are men and women who simply want to get fit at home. An exercise bike or a treadmill can both help to burn calories and improve your fitness, but a rowing machine can also help you to get fit, and is often a lot more affordable than one of these machines.

It is widely reported that 30-60 minutes of intense exercise 2-3 times a week can have enormous health benefits and will really improve your fitness over time, particularly if you increase the intensity as you get fitter. So because you can adjust the intensity really easily on one of these rowers, you can get fitter and healthier as the weeks and months go by.